About Us

Providing for Houston's production needs since 1984.



Clifton Camera Works, Inc. was established in 1984 (as The Production Dept., Inc. until 1996) and offers full 4K, UHD and HD production services and equipment rentals to local and national producers, DP's, corporations and networks.  We also provide support services to other production companies in Houston, across Texas, and Louisiana.  Located just minutes from downtown in Spring Street Studios, with easy loading dock and elevator access,  and an Adobe Premiere CC suite on-site, with full-time editor Wyatt Cagle/CGL Studios.  


A long and loyal client list of 30 years includes friends and associates at the Texas Medical Center, Baylor College of Medicine, UTHSC Health Promotions,  University of Maryland, First Presbyterian Church,  NASA, and many local production companies, advertising agencies, and producers such as Ghost Ranch Films, Video Perspective, Sirius Video, Maverick Picture Company, Eclectic, WSP, Zenfilm, FKM, IO Communications, the Production Companies, and Edge Texas. The list continues to grow with Lonelyland, JAG, 808inc., Ttweak, Media 975, CGL Studios, and Rivet---just to name a few.