The Canon c300 mk II EF 4K camera package for rent is back!

Canon USA c300mk2.jpg

Canon c300 mk II for rent

We're all Canon here at Clifton Camera Works, again. This is the workhorse for broadcast and corporate production and documentaries in 4K, UHD, and 1080.  Beautiful skin tones, clean blacks, low-light, this is the one you want on your set.  And we have it in a streamlined package at reasonable rates for you. 

There is also a Canon Cine 18-80 f4 zoom lens available for rent with the camera. 

You can build the package you need with EF lenses.  

RENTAL PACKAGE includes camera, battery/ac power, media, tripod, case

Now offering Canon CNe 18-80 servo cine zoom! All lenses available a la carte at additional cost and available upon request. See rate card.