Litepanels 1x1 ASTRA Bi-Color SOFT and (2) Daylight Flood and a Spot Kit

The new ASTRA Bi-Color Softlight is the bomb for interviews.  And the daylight balanced 1x1 offers dependable, soft, directional light with supplied D-Fuse boxes. Like all Litepanels fixtures, the 1x1 requires no warm up time and remains Cool to the Touch™ so you can setup, shoot, strike and move on to your next location without delay.



Litepanels Inca 4

The performance of a large Fresnel — with the advantages of LED technology. The smallest DMX controllable LED Fresnel on the market, the daylight-balanced Sola 4™ offers the controllability and light-shaping properties inherent in a Fresnel light at a small fraction of the power draw of conventional fixtures. Provides Litepanels’ famous soft light quality. Great for hair light or backlight and a nice complement to the 1x1's.



Arri Fresnel with Chimera Kit

ARRI Fresnels with their wide flood to spot ratio are easy to control and the Video Pro XS Softbank is great for interviews and the ideal size for tight locations. Try using a piece of opal or frost in the filter frame on the Fresnel to completely fill the Softbank and reduce the light level.



200 Watt DigiMole HMI

The 200W HMI DigiMole® Pars have adjustable beam and lightweight, rugged design. The DigiMole® Par can be used direct, as a bounce, or with a small lightbank to achieve the desired look.